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Company Profile


Tianjin Huaxia Architecture Design Co., Ltd., established in 1992, has  total assets of nearly RMB 300 million and about 500 staff. Its business  includes architectural design,  city planning infrastructure  design, construction drawing review, project supervision,  new building materials and real estate development, etc.





We have qualifications of architectural design- class A, urban and rural planning-  class B, infrastructure planning- class B,  construction project supervision- class A and construction drawing review (type I). We are certified by national qualification system GB/T19001-2008.



Design Business


We have 61 staff with professional and technical titles at  middle and senior levels in architecture, planning,  and infrastructure design, including 4   certified class I architects, 3  certified cost evaluation engineers, 5  certified planners and 4  certified equipment engineers. We have made remarkable achievements  in design  and received numerous awards in the fields of civil architecture, including offices, hotels, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and housing, as well as industrial parks, industrial buildings with large-span steel structures and city planning. Our  projects are wide spread  across China.



Corporate Spirit


"Dedication, loyalty and integrity, solidarity and cooperation, morality"




Corporate Culture


We adhere to the tenet of "meticulous design and quality service". We have won customerspraises with integrated aesthetics of oriental and western architecture,  refined design concepts, and exquisite professional quality.


The president Mr. Liu Cunfa takes honesty as an essence, forges ahead with determination and hires talents based on their abilities. The company has attracted  a group of senior experts and  professional elites. Our management team is capable and experienced, efficient and practical; design teams are innovative and  perfection seeking; R&D  team is familiar with the market and brave in development. We are an open and diversified company full of vitality.  We want to sincerely cooperate with friends from all  fields and  jointly build  a better future.


   我單位在居住建筑設計方面有著較強的優勢和豐富的經驗。 設計了大量別墅、多層與高層等住宅。

We have strong advantages and rich experience in the design of residential buildings. Our completed projects include villas, multi-story housing and high-rise residential buildings, etc.

規劃設計體現以人為本,生態優先,地域特色 。     

Our city planning and design reflects the principles of respecting the residents, ecological priority and regional characteristics.

   精心布置戶型平面,優化使用空間 ,嚴格控制建設成本,把控項目品質 。

We arrange housing types and layouts  carefully to optimize the use of space, strictly control construction costs and  project quality.